You should know about VR

VR Glasses Simple Introduction

1.This VR glasses apply to any smart phone,It is the integral part for when you are use the phone to watching the 3D video or playing 3D game.
1)Please install the 3D player system before watching the 3D video,then you may watching the 3D video whatever on-line or down load to play(This VR glasses just support left and right format video)
2)Before playing the 3D game,you have to built the correct connection both the smart phone and the game handle set.Then take your VR glasses to play the 3D game and enjoy the funny time.

How to use ?

1)Open the front cover,fixed the smart phone on the cover by the suckers.Please make sure the phone screen must be in the middle.(please see below figures)


(1)Lie supine 45 degree to watch and view time do not more than 2hours.Please have a rest if feel any discomfort or fatigue period.
(2)Big screen and high resolution smart phone,and high resolution video sources are always helpful for more better viewing effect.